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Many readers come to this blog are starting a new website or blog. And the hardest part to prepare before you can start is choosing the right Hosting company that give your website the best performance. Right?

If you asked me, I will strongly suggest SiteGround as the hosting company, and GrowBig (or higher) as the hosting package. And here are the reasons of why I’m so sure with my choice:

1. SiteGround is amazing in page loading speed

No matter you use Pingdom or Cache to measure how speed is the page loading on average websites, SiteGround give you amazing result as below:

The reason of why they can perform page loading super fast is they provide a built-in WordPress Caching for all of your WordPress sites (if you use GrowBig or higher package). This is technology that you can’t find with other hosting companies.

With super-fast page loading, you get two advantages:
First, your site becomes search engine friendly. Google will love to rank your site more than sites with slow loading page.
Second, your visitors will love your site as they can load your full page instantly.

2. Free website migration

If you previously use another hosting and now you want to move to SiteGround, you might think that the biggest problem is how to move your website with no error while you don’t know technical process of website migration.

SiteGround know it. They give you two options:

First, you can ask manual website migration by SiteGround expert at no cost!

Second, you can do it by yourself with the help of SiteGround migration plugin called SiteGround Migrator. All you need to do is installing the plugin on your site, activate it by input the PIN and the rest will be automatically done by the plugin. The last step is you just need to point your domain Name Server to your hosting account. Done.

3. Free SSL

Since Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox detect SSL, then your site will be marked as Untrusted or Not Secured if your site don’t have SSL.

With other hosting companies, you must buy the SSL for each of your site as they sell it separately from the hosting package. But not with SiteGround. You can install SSL Encrypt and SSL Encrypt Wildcard for free, for all of your sites.

This feature alone could save you over $40/year for each website.

4. CDN integrated

Content Delivery Network, the technology that makes your site delivers content (to your visitors) faster is now integrated in SiteGround.

Built-in CDN also keeps your site secured by filtering legitimate traffic and blocks malicious and harmful traffic.

5. Daily backup is free of charge

Unlike other hosting companies that charge you $20 – $30 per month for daily backup for each website you host, SiteGround give you the ability for free.

Yes, you can set daily backup for free for all of your websites hosting on SiteGround and no worries anymore to your sites as if anything happened, you can load yesterday’s backup easily.

6. Powerful advanced One-Click Staging

Have you ever experienced updating a plugin on your site makes you got an error message indicates that your site is broken?

SiteGround’s One-Click Staging (available on GrowBig package or higher) makes it easy to test your updating plugin before it affect your site. If everything was good, you can set it live to your website, but if you found any problem with the updating plugin, you can cancel the updating and your site is not affected.

7. Amazing support

Anyone who ever having problems with their website for sure will agree that Hosting Support is crucial. SiteGround really know it. They are commit to help as fast and easy as possible. You can reach them 24/7 through live chat or phone call. Their live chat is very low in waiting time. You will never wait more than 1 minute to get one technician serves you. Compare it with some other hosting companies that ask you to wait in queue for upto 20 minutes (even I have experienced of waiting 30 minutes)!